Real Relief

Instant relief from fire ant bites.

Fire ant mounds are at ground level, and they are easy to disturb. When you step in one or roll over one with your lawn mower, you are likely to get stung multiple times—fast. The pain, itch and swelling hit hard, so time is of the essence. You need a quick and easy, fail-proof remedy. Fire-Out’s convenient, no mess roll-on applicator is loaded up with dual-action medicine that fights both the pain and the itch, bringing real relief, real fast.

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No Mess Roll-On

No Mess Roll-On

Roll on the relief.

Fire-Out is so quick and easy to use, you might forget you even got bitten. For fire ant bites, or any other bug bite or sting, instant relief is easy: Simply unscrew the cap to expose the roll-on applicator. Give the bottle a couple of shakes, then apply generously to the entire affected area for immediate relief.

If the source of your pain and itch is a bee sting, take care to remove the stinger before applying Fire-Out.

Fire-Out is real medicine that relieves the pain and itch from fire ant bites.

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