Fire ants, found most commonly in the warmer, southern part of the US (such as Florida and Texas) present a unique stinging hazard because all of the ants in the mound are capable of stinging. Fire ant mounds are at ground level, and when easily disturbed (mowing grass, walking over it, children playing in the yard—or something similar), it’s likely that you’ll be stung by many insects at a time before you can get the ants off your skin. This leaves the affected area painful and itchy.

New Fire Out® is an effective, no-mess, roll-on that provides instant, maximum-strength pain relief to help remedy the pain and stop the itch of fire ant stings (and even other insect bites!). The roll-on design allows you to apply the medicine quickly and easily to the affected area.

Fire Out’s convenient, portable size makes it easy to toss into your backpack, camping gear, purse and picnic basket for when you’re on-the-go.*

Its unique, dual-action formula combines maximum strength benzocaine for effective pain relief with maximum strength menthol to stop the itch.

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*Due to the heat in cars or campers, please do not store in places prone to high temperatures.